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released March 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Music Action Collective San Francisco, California

Global social justice music collective.

Sevana Tchakerian, vocals, accordion, keys, flute (Armenia/France)
Rona Nishliu, vocals (Kosovo)
James Brandon Lewis, tenor sax (USA)
Kauzeni Lyamba, percussion, flute, vocals (Tanzania)
Erika Oba, piano, flute (Japan/USA)
Avery Waite, cello (USA)
Kasiva Mutua, percussion, vocals (Kenya)
Chris Bastian, bass (USA)
Ernesto “Matute” Lopez, drums (Nicaragua)
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Track Name: Overlooked
Rona Nishliu
Just like every morning, she’ll be waking up to positivity
Hoping for a beautiful day

She’s feeling proper
All the skeptic lights
From the water crown of sight
Yet she makes it work perfectly

All or nothing
Has to offer
Satisfaction has to conquer
Seed of silence
In their table
If she’s loud, they’re gonna blame her

No matter how far they may go
We’ll find a way to hear her word

Don’t really need the validation
To be here

Sevana Tchakerian
Cat called, keep walking, mouth shut, nerve wracking
Insults, blood boiling, don’t touch my dignity
Implying, imposing, ruling, and abusing
Conversation is confusing when you talk instead of me
Oversexualized, objectified, interrupted, simplified
How long before they realize
Feminity is not a prize
Let’s stop complaining
Unchain from mainsplaining
Forget the hearsay, keep doing your thing

Chorus—Rona Nishliu
No matter how far they go
We’ll find a way to speak her word

Don’t really need the validation
To be here
Track Name: Monuments
Monuments of peace
Monuments of war
Monuments of love
Monuments of scars
Monuments of lives
Lives lived and lost
Lost souls in humanity
What else is lost?

Sevana Tchakerian (in Armenian):
Փողոցի մէջ յօսում է արդարութեան ջուրը բայց տարիներ է շատ ծառաւել ենք
Արաւել է փաստել ով է աղաւաղում, բողոքները վաղուց ալարել են
Անտարբեր լինելը բանդարկել է քանի որ ստի խօստումները պարապել են
Ու եթէ յոյսը բարակել է, անհետացել է, զայրոյթի ձայնը բարցրացել է։


The river of justice is flowing in the streets
but we've been thirsty for too long
Doesn't matter who is oppressing
the complainers have become lazy
Being indifferent is like a prison
they have been practicing the promises of lies
And if the hope has diminished or has disappeared
the voice of the fury has gone up
Track Name: New Babylon (for Delasi)
Rona Nishliu
Oh-oh-oho-oh-oh-oh oh!
Hoh-hoh-hohohoh-ho ho!

Kauzeni Lyamba (in Swahili):
Ya…Jua ngoma kubwa si mdundo
Bali ngoma kubwa ni mshindo
Haisaidii kupiga na nyundo
Iwe kingaka au msondo
Akili ni nywele?????

Navaa njuga
Kaniki magoma mengi na vibwaya
Nakatiza mitaa
Mpaka uarabuni Ulaya uropa

Rasilimali na mabilion wanatuibia
Hawataki twende kwao mababilon
Viza wakitunyima
Lakini kwetu airport wakigongewa
Eti uhuru na usawa
Bado Enzi Za utumwa

Toka Enzi hizo
Zetu mababu mabibi
Walivaa vibwaya
Mabibi waliuenzi utamaduni
Lakini sasa napata
gazabu lukuki Kama nanyuki
Kwa wafitini wanaozuga
Eti miziki
Aha hahaha
Kusokota mkinywa
Aha hahaha
Kusokota mkinywa

my brother man Delasi
everything z Gona be araiii
Milima haikutani
Binadamu hukutana

But the big dance is a shock
It does not help to beat with a hammer
You're the one or the shoe
Mind is here???

We are gambling
Hold a lot of valves and wheels
I fled the streets
Until you are developing Europe for blood

Resources and billions are robbing us
They do not want us to go to their Babylon
Visa stopped us
But to us the airport was stolen
Say freedom and equity
There are still years of slavery

Leave those cities
Our ancestors grandparents
Wearing novels
The rabbis did not practice culture
But now I find
gazabu kukuki Like me
For those who bury them
Say music
Aha hahaha

My brother man Delasi
everything z gonna be araiii
Mountains do not
Humans meet

Rona Nishliu
Birds will fly high across borders
Clouds will lead a path of wonders
Will make things get better
Gonna find that sky and get there
Track Name: Agua
in Spanish and Swahili

Sevana Tchakerian (in Spanish)
Hoy quiero ser
luminoso como el sol
transparente como el aire que respiro
humilde como el agua
que tu luz llegue a mi
que mi luz llegue a ti

Hoy quiero ser
luminoso como el sol
transparente como el aire que respire
intenso como el fuego
que tu luz llegue a mi
que mi luz llegue a ti

Today I want to be
bright as the sun
transparent as the air I breathe
humble as water
may your light reach me
may my light come to you

Today I want to be
bright as the sun
transparent as the air I breathe
intense as fire
may your light reach me
may my light come to you

Agua limpia
lavame las manos
agua limpia
lavame los pies
gota gota
sangre de mi sangre
lávame lávame bien
lávame lávame bien

Clean water
wash my hands
clean water
wash my feet
drop, drop
blood of my blood
wash me, wash me well
wash me, wash me well

Kasiva Mutua (in Swahili):
Maji ni uhai wa mimea, binadamu na misitu
Tuhifadhi hii rasilimali yetu
Eeh maji
Ooh ni maji yetu

Water is the source of life
for plants, humans and forests
Let us conserve this resource
Yeah, water
Oooh, it’s our water

Chorus x2

Agua agua agua agua x8
Track Name: ballad, spoken word, civil rights, accordion - What If
James Brandon Lewis:
What warmth hugs with
If not with caring arms
If light is embraced
Then what are shadows

An assembly, an assembly of understandings
Projectors of peaceful, of peaceful association
Cultural characters
If acting in roles of assimilation
Rather than agents for real change

Colors as community
If developed in dignity

Land of lease
What home, what home, what home, what home
If not a free planet
Stadium filled legions
Brace of all leagues
Express ways

What’s fair, what’s fair
What’s really, really, what’s really, really fair
If secrets
What lies, what lies
You be lying, you be lying, y’all be lying
What lies of health
If not care
Track Name: Kesaule (Live)
Nengo kesaule

Wayyyy wa nyanengo eh
Wa nyanengo kesaule

Hey hey x3

Kesaule, kesalue, kesaule


In Swahili
Onyengo onyengo kesaule x3

Chorus 1
Onyengo kesaule
Nabana nasolola
Onyengo kesaule
Onyengo kesaule
Chorus 1 repeat x2

Chorus 2 x4
Tolekilangaa na mbolee
Mama tolekilangaa mbole haa
Onyengo onyengo kesaule
Chorus 2 x4

Onyengo onyengo kesaule

Onyengo kesaule

Note: Nyengo = an African Swahili machete used to harvest rice, clean, or shape farms that have rough leaves or grass.

Everyone take your nyengo and let's go to work and clean
Everyone go, go, let's all go together
Take your nyengo, let’s go harvest
Let us all unite, all races, all genders
Ladies, mothers, women, everyone
Let's clean our enviroments
Our farms, our places of work
Let's go
Track Name: Right Again
Sevana Tchakerian (in French):
Mais comment s'émanciper en s'aimant si peu
En semant la peur
Distillant le feu de la haine à la paine
Trop de chaînes qui appellent à l'autel hostile
On s'oublie par figure de style
Expulsion ou bien exil?
L'ignorance est un récit de non-dits sous le récif de l'oubli
Tyrannie contre repli!
Indifférents abilités à voir des meurs par tous côtés
Trop occupes à écouter la dure fierté qu'a tout on crée

Les mêmes histoires qui se répètent, les massacres qu'en édite
Les territoires qu'on habite et les voisins qui nous irritent
Les névroses qu'on abrite, les réalités qu'on évite
Tous ces drapeaux qu'on agite pour les cultures qu'on valide
C'est notre future qu'on fatigue, c'est nos enfants qu'on enfarine
Plus de place pour l'empathie quand le mépris devient facile
Assimile en annihilant toute tentative d'accalmie
Mais au final, c'est l'expérience qu'à petit fin on a sasi

But how to emancipate by loving so little
By sowing fear
Distilling the fire of hate to the paine
Too many chains calling for the hostile altar
We forget each other by style figure
Expulsion or exile?
Ignorance is a story of unsaid under the reef of oblivion
Tyranny against withdrawal!
Indifferent ability to see dying from all sides
Too busy to listen to the hard pride that everything creates

The same stories that are repeated, the massacres that are published
The territories we live in and the neighbors that irritate us
The neuroses we harbor, the realities we avoid
All these flags that are agitated for crops that are valid
It is our future we are tired, it is our children who are children
More room for empathy when contempt becomes easy
Assimilate by annihilating any attempt to calm
But in the end, it's the experience that we've had for a while

Kasiva Mutua (in Swahili):
Labda shilingi moja itaiopoa soko Africa
Labda badala ya kuhepa turudi nyumbani eh,
Labda tuwache kuiga myenenedo ya wenzetu
Labda sio mme, mke tumuite binadamu

Maybe having one currency will save Africa’s economy
Maybe we should go back home instead of running away and relocating
Maybe we should stop copying Western lifestyles
Maybe it’s not a man or a woman, we should just call them human beings
(This verse is repeated twice)
Track Name: Utamaduni
Group (In Swahili):
Oyee utamaduni eee x3
Tudumishe utamaduniii
Ngoma Na nyimbo zetu
Huu ndio urithi Wetu
Toka Kwa Babu zetuu

Let's highlight our culture up
Let's preserve our culture
Music and our dances
This is our heritage
That has been preserved from our ancestors/elders

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